In early 2008, in an industry first, media organisations teamed up with producers and funding and training bodies to form the Media Reconciliation Industry Network Group (RING), a collective which aims to drive practical measures to support and promote reconciliation in the media sector. Members include the ABC, AFTRS, ASTRA, Aurora Community Channel, Austar, Australian News Channel (SKY NEWS), BBC Worldwide Channels Australasia, Film Victoria, FOXTEL, Gadigal Information Service Aboriginal Corporation, NITV, Metro Screen, NFSA, Premier Media Group, Reconciliation Australia, SBS, Screen Australia, Screen NSW, ScreenWest, SPAA, The City of Sydney and XYZ Networks.


Media RING’s purpose is to reach and engage Australian’s in reconciliation through respect and recognition of Indigenous Culture.The members will achieve this through developing and enhancing career opportunities for Indigenous people, sharing resources and providing leadership.

Key Focus Areas:

  • Industry Leadership
  • Employment
  • Sharing Resources

 Providing industry leadership to get the message out there – engaging the hearts and minds of others – gaining their commitment to reconciliation.

Key Focus

Industry leadership:

  • Be a role model for Reconciliation
  • Capitalise on visibility and encourage large organisations to do the same
  • Respecting past and future and spreading the word
  • Influencing our peers
  • Support on-going and shared development of indigenous people in the media.


  • Educate future generations about opportunities we can provide – generate interest in long term career opportunities
  • Raise profile of media industry
  • Provide an appropriate vehicle for first contact
  • Provide real, progressive development and career opportunities, beyond traineeships
  • Aggregate opportunities

Sharing resources:

  • Learn what other organisations are doing
  • Sustainability – use the group to maintain momentum and sustainability
  • Encourage co-operation with state bodies
  • Sharing resources – using resources well
  • Build relationships with each other
  • Tap into different media channels
  • Encourage positive indigenous stories with great audience


  • Australian News Channel (SKY NEWS) supports reconciliation on a range of fronts including coverage of Indigenous issues on the A-PAC public affairs channel; regular coverage of Indigenous affairs in SKY NEWS political programming and assistance with the production of NITV’s nightly national news service.
  • A Media RING website-was created by Dreamtime PR to assist the collaborative work of the industry group. The Media RING will also advertise media jobs on the Indigenous Jobs Australia website.
  • FOXTEL helped coordinate the Group since inception and Screen NSW took over the role of Secretariat to the members in 2010.
  • The Media RING is about harnessing the ample goodwill, knowledge and experience in the media industry and turning that into practical measures that can deliver real outcomes for Indigenous Australians.
  • The benefit of the Media RING is that it is more powerful as a collective than it could ever be as single organisations. It aims to lead the way for the rest of the media industry and set an example of how to promote reconciliation in Australia.
  • The Media RING has taken that a step further by enlarging its sphere and initiating the collective – the first reconciliation industry based group of its kind. The work being undertaken by the Media RING touches not only those within the media sector, but as a communications industry, has the potential to reach out to much wider Australian audiences.
  • This work is supported by Reconciliation Australia. Reconciliation Australia created the Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) Program as a way for organisations both large and small to use their sphere of influence to turn good intentions into actions that close the gaps between Indigenous and other Australians.

Policies and Protocols

Media Ring is dedicated and committed to a reconciliation of its Industry and are in the development stage of introducing the Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP Plan). Media Ring considers the following policies and protocols in developing their actions and strategies regarding the RAP plan and its business priorities

  • Workplace health and safety act
  • Work Safety Act 2008
  • Code of Practice Act
  • Fair Trade Act 1961
  • Commercial Code of Conduct
  • Indigenous Commercial Code of Conduct
  • Financial Accountabilities Act 
  • Racial discrimination act
  • Privacy Acts 1988
  • Australian Copyright Act 1968
  • Copyright, Design and Patents act 1988
  • Patents Act 1990 (Cth)
  • Protection of Movable Cultural Heritage Act 1986 (Cth)
  • Copyright Amendment (Moral Rights) Act 2000 (Cth) 
  • Crimes Act 1914 (Cth)
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Heritage Protection Act 1984 (Cth) (Legislation Queensland Government Australia, 2011)

The appointment of Indigenous staff has ensured all Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property will be managed with strict guidelines.

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